Goal 1: Student Achievement: Improve Student Proficiency with Technology

Need Statement: All students need the technology skills to be successful in an ever changing world. 

Objective:          Use current technology in the classroom.
                        Use mobile devices as part of the classroom.
                        Instruction in web safety, including cyberbullying.

Goal 2: Effective Teaching and Learning Practices: Improve Educator Proficiency with Technology

Need Statement: All staff will become more proficient in using the available technology to increase student engagement and learning.

Objective:        Plan staff development in current technology for classroom integration, including social media, web applications, and
content creation using mobile devices.
                     Develop curriculum based on the Common Core standards that integrate the ISTE standards.
Goal 3: Access to Information Resources and Learning Tools: Implement a 1:1 Program Across the District in the Next 3 Years

Need Statement: All students and staff will have access to the resources and tools to fully integrate technology in the classroom.

Objective:       All staff will have access to a mobile device.
                     All students will have access to a mobile device. Building principals will launch programs on their timetable.
                     All students will have access to the Internet. 

Goal 4: Support Systems and Leadership: GSD Infrastructure will support a fully implemented 1:1 program

Need Statement: The Grantsburg School District infrastructure will support the technical and professional implementation of a 1:1 program.

Objective:     The district will improve the wireless internet coverage.
                    District policy will be revised to address the needs of current technology practices.
                    The District will continue to use NWEA MAP assessments to monitor academic progress.

Action Plan Spreadsheet