Community and School District Demographics
The School District of Grantsburg ( is located in the northwestern part of Wisconsin, approximately 70 miles north‐northeast of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The district has approximately 950 students enrolled during the 2011‐2012 school year, a decrease from past years, and encompasses 278 square miles. The majority of the school district’s land area is in Burnett County; however, a small amount of Polk County is included. The Village of Grantsburg, a town of about 1,400 residents, is also part of the District.

The School District of Grantsburg is made up of four school buildings and one charter virtual school. Those buildings are:
•Nelson Primary School
•Grantsburg Elementary School
•Grantsburg Middle School
•Grantsburg Senior High School
•Insight School of Wisconsin/iForward

Three of the four buildings are located on a single campus inside of the Village of Grantsburg, while the Nelson Primary School is located five miles outside of the village in the unincorporated town of Alpha.
The Nelson Primary School houses our Pre‐K and Kindergarten programs. Grantsburg Elementary serves grades 1‐3. Grantsburg Middle School serves grades 4‐8 and Grantsburg Senior High serves grades 9‐12.
The School District of Grantsburg has strived to be at the forefront of using technology to enhance the education of our students. This mission started in the mid 1990’s when our technology program was small. New administration at the time started to push and encourage the incorporation and use of technology in the district, both to streamline the operation of the district and to enhance the learning opportunities for our students. The first computerized student information system for the district was implemented as well as the first computerized library cataloging system. Since then, we have upgraded to student information and library systems that allow access to information from the web. Parents and students can access assignment and grading information from the internet and our complete library catalog can be searched via the internet as well. Our computer labs have also grown from the two meager high school labs of the 1990’s to the state of the art computer labs that we have today in all three of our main buildings. High‐speed data networks have been built between the buildings and we now have computers in every classroom.

District Mission Statement
The Grantsburg School District will be the center of learning for the community, providing dynamic quality educational opportunities to help meet the needs of all citizens in a changing world.

District Technology Vision Statement
School District of Grantsburg has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies and providing robust access to that technology. As technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, we envision integration of technology into all areas of curriculum. We also envision our District as maintaining its position as a leader in school technology.

Overview of the Planning Process
The District Technology Planning Team first convened in January of 2012. Select members of the team attended a Technology Planning workshop at CESA #11 sponsored by the DPI. The presenter at this workshop was Connie Erickson. After this workshop, the team started to meet during the spring of 2012 to go over the previous plan’s goals and craft the 2012‐2015 plan. The team continued meeting throughout the 2011-2012 school year, carefully crafting the new Technology Plan.

Community Resources and Adult Literacy Providers
The School District of Grantsburg currently has two programs in place for helping to advance the Technology Literacy among adult community members.

First, the Community Education program run by the school district. The district operates a Community Education program that offers classes covering a wide variety of subjects, from gardening, senior care and scrapbooking to technology/computer classes. These classes are available to community members for a small fee and are scheduled throughout the year.

Second, various WITC (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College) extension courses are taught during evenings at the schools. The school district provides facilities for these WITC extension courses to be held locally. These courses are mostly technology/computer related. The classes usually run evenings during the fall and spring seasons and are available to community members for a small fee.

Every fall, the middle school holds an adult night to allow parents and community members to come into the school to familiarize them with the technology that is available. Also, every fall, a mailing is sent out to parents to detail how they can gain access to their children’s grades in PowerSchool along with instructions on how to navigate the PowerSchool system once they have access. 

Last updated on: 1/27/2012