Estimated Expenditures  

The library media and technology budgets in the School District of Grantsburg are required to support ever increasing expectations and implementations in the area of information and technology resources.  Computer lab and library media facilities continue to get increased usage and the number of computers, software titles and other technology items continues to grow.

The technology and library media budgets do not represent all spending in these areas as much technology is purchased out of building level and classroom budgets.  A significant portion of current technology purchase and implementation is supported by end of the year spending.  So, if necessary funds are not available at the end of the year, many technology projects including purchasing new additional hardware and the replacement of older computers, must be shelved until the end of the next fiscal year.

E-Rate funding is also utilized within the district.  E-Rate is filed for phone services, as well as internet and internet transport services purchased from Wiscnet and Badgernet.

Tech-Plan Budget/Expenditures

Last updated on: 05/08/2012